March - 2011

Break ground with Homesteader!

Now available for PCs with Windows XP, Vista or 7.


Hey, can ya answer a question for me? Maybe it's just that I'm older than the dirt I'm standin' on, but why is it every Match 3 puzzle game makes ya get 3-in-a-row? Not just 3 touching - 3 in a row. If ya had 3 chickens with one in front, one to the side, and one behind, that's still 3 chickens, right? That's a match, in't?

  • Match three or more items at a time, but not necessarily in a row, to build your farm. More match opportunities.
  • Move eight directions, not four. More choices, more strategies.
  • 26 Levels per game.
  • Four Difficulty settings.
  • Chain reactions - which can be turned off to increase the difficulty.
  • Alaska Mode - where you'll fight against ever-freezing ground.
  • Blitz Mode - where you only have one minute per level to get the maximum score.
  • For PCs with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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Go Prehistorik!

The hit platformer Prehistorik is now available for Android devices.


Prehistorik, a member of the T-bone tribe, is hungry and ready for a bronto lunch! Armed with Diner-Club, his faithful frazzler, he sets off on his food-gathering expedition. Follow him from the unexplored ice-fields of Antarctica, the darkened mysterious caverns of a shady continent to the lush jungles of the tropics.

Use multi touch to zoom in and out the background in order to see farther or closer in your adventure...

To complete a level, you need to fill in the entire food-o-meter! Prepare yourself for this BIG challenge!!

Start playing this classic platformer on your Android phone in minutes...

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Prehistorik is still available on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad:

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