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Technical Support

Conquest of the New World

Platforms:   Windows 9X
System Requirements:

  • DOS 5.0 or higher,Windows 95/98 *Not Compatible with Windows XP or 2000*
  • Power Macintosh with 12 MB free memory
  • 30 MB free hard disk space
  • double speed (or faster) CD ROM drive
  • 13" or larger color monitor
  • Network play requires Open Transport version 1.1 (system 7.5.3)
  • System Recommended:
    Installation Tips: Default Install Directory: C:\Intrplay\Conquest

    To Install Game:
    DOS Installation -
    1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive.
    2. Type D: (or the appropriate drive letter) and then hit the ENTER key.
    3. Type INSTALL and then the hit ENTER key. This will begin the installation process.
    4. When the installation is complete, the program will ask you to answer some questions regarding your configuration of sound cards and other input devices. If at any time after doing this you wish to change your setup, please run the "Setup" program from the directory in which you have installed the game.

    Windows 95 Installation -

    1. Click on START.
    2. Click on SHUTDOWN.
    4. Follow instructions above for installing with the DOS installation.

    Game Executable: Conquest.bat

    To Start Game:
    In DOS -

    1. Type C: (or appropriate hard drive) and then hit the ENTER key.
    2. Type CD\INTRPLAY\CONQUEST and then hit the ENTER key.
    3. Type CONQUEST and then hit the ENTER key.

    In Windows 95 -

    1. Click on START.
    2. Click on SHUTDOWN.
    4. Follow instructions above for starting with the game in DOS.

    To Re-run the Setup: Setup.exe

    1. Problem: The sound effects are not working.
    2. Problem: Getting Message Q2Lock failed(1), result=1
    3. Problem: HMI Sound Driver: HMI*.386 File Open Failure
    4. Problem: After game goes through checklist the screen goes blank
    5. Problem: Error- Sprite Init Failed
    6. Problem: Having serial/modem problem, or did not receive ok from modem
    7. Problem: Exceeded Bound in 'getDpRelation'
    8. Problem: The game is taking up a ridiculous amount of memory on my HardDrive
    9. Problem: Units are getting stuck
    10. Problem: Error 10: Failed loading Game Info
    11. Problem: "Error unarchiving files" on install
    12. Problem: Out of memory errors (ex. Error 01: Not enough Memory)
    13. Problem: Trouble with IPX networking between Win 3.1 and Win95 machines
    14. Problem: Game running slowly
    15. Problem: Very long pause between game turns
    16. Problem: Pictures in my manual look nothing like my game
    17. Problem: Game is ending at a set # of turns, can I get this game to last longer?
    18. Problem: When selecting the Island Scenario with unlimited turns, the game ends after the first turn
    19. Problem: When attacking, getting message "could not attack path not found"

    1. Problem: The sound effects are not working.

    Solution: If you do not have a sound card, and have selected NO SOUND CARD:

    1. Upgrade your game with the (917kb) and (200kb) patches. Download and extract the first one to the directory you have installed the game into and run PATCH and repeat the process for the second patch.
    2. Check the setup file and make sure your sound card settings are correct.
    3. Call the manufacture of the sound card and make sure the card is set up optimally. Download the latest drivers for the card and sound blaster emulation from the support sites of the sound card manufacturer.

    2. Problem: Q2Lock failed(1), result=1

    Solution: This error most often occurs on Windows 95 machines. This game is designed for DOS and will not work under 95 with the configuration in your system. You will want to shut down and restart in DOS mode to run the game.

    3. Problem: HMI Sound Driver: HMI*.386 File Open Failure

    Solution: This will happen most often when attempting to run the installation or setup from within a shell such as Windows. Make sure you have exited out of Windows and any menu programs before attempting to install or run the game.

    4. Problem: Black Screen after checklist

    Solution: This can happen when attempting to run the game from within Windows 95. Make sure that you shut down and restart in DOS mode before running the game. This can also occur when the sound settings are not precise, you may want to disable sound temporarily in the games setup to make sure that the sound is the problem you are encountering.

    5. Problem: Sprite Init Failed

    Solution: This will happen when the program does not have enough memory. Most often it will occur when attempting to run from Within a DOS prompt. You will want to Shut down into DOS and possibly make a boot-disk.

    6. Problem: Serial/Modem Trouble

    Solution: Some problems have arised with modems on COM1. You will need to download CNW110E.ZIP to correct this problem.

    7. Problem: Error Message: Exceeded Bound in 'getDpRelation'

    Solution: This can be corrected by updating to a more current version. You will need to download CNW110E.ZIP to correct this problem.

    8. Problem: Game taking up a ridiculous amount of space

    Solution: The game does create swap files during play and exiting the game incorrectly will keep these files open on your hard-drive. You will want to go to the games directory and type the following:

    DEL *.SWP

    9. Problem: Units Getting Stuck

    Solution: This can happen with the older version of the game. You will need to download CNW110E.ZIP to correct this problem.

    10. Problem: Error Message: "Error 10: Failed Loading Game Info"

    Solution: This error happens when the save game has been corrupted. Make sure you have not installed the full release on top of the demo. In normal use this error message only shows up when there has been a disk problem.

    11. Problem: Error Unarchiving Files

    Solution: This can happen on some computers with memory managers loading. You will want to create a boot-disk with nothing but the necessary drivers (no memory managers).

    12. Problem: Out of Memory Errors

    Solution: This game requires at least 8Mb of RAM and 10Mb of free HD space. Out of memory errors on this game can be either due to an improper memory allocation or low hard-drive space. You will want to create a boot-disk with no memory managers and double check that there is at least 10Mb of free HD space left.

    13. Problem: IPX network between DOS and Win95

    Solution: When attempting an IPX connection between a DOS machine and a 95 machine, you need to make a change to the Network control panel in Win95. The default IPX protocol is different than the one expected by DOS. Win95 defaults its IPX Frame Type to Auto. Changing it to 802.3 may make it possible to communicate with machines running other system software. We would, however, recommend that you run both machines from within the DOS environment.

    14. Problem: Game Running slowly?

    Solution 1: The slow speed is due to the swapping done by the virtual memory code. The problem is more the RAM than the CPU; your best solution is more RAM or less other stuff in RAM. That means making sure that EMM386 and SMARTDRV are off, among other things. Sound uses a lot of RAM, so turning it off will increase speed significantly. The game was tested extensively on 486 machines.

    Solution 2: Performance of the game can be improved through the use of a small hard disk cache -- 128 kilobytes or so -- if you have enough RAM to dedicate for it. Larger cache sizes are not necessary. However, on some systems, the disk cache can interfere with the proper operation of the virtual memory system in the game. If you experience crashes while running the game, disable all disk cache software and try again.

    Solution 3: The CONQUEST.BAT file contains one line which sets up virtual memory. When running on machines with 12 megabytes or more, virtual memory can be disabled by deleting or commenting out the line which contains the SET DOS4GVM command. This will result in a slight performance increase. If the game crashes or reports OUT OF MEMORY errors, you should put back this line or reconfigure your machine to make more memory available.

    15. Problem: Long Wait between Turns

    Solution 1: Try turning off the sound; most people find that that solves the problem.

    Solution 2: Another alternative is to copy CNWSNDC.WAD from the CD-ROM to the hard disk.

    Solution 3: Be sure all caching utilities are off, and EMM386 is not loaded.

    Solution 4: If under Windows 95, try to adjust the Windows 95 CD-ROM cache settings. The system can be set to optimize its performance for a variety of hardware configurations. Changing the numbers may clear up the problem (there is no one fixed setting that applies to all makes and models of computers and CD-ROM drives; the proper settings must be determined empirically for each individual machine).

    16. Problem: The pictures in my manual look nothing like my game.

    Solution: The manual was printed to show some of the features that were encorporated in version 1.06 and higher. Some of the early versions did not yet have support for these. You will need to download CNW110E.ZIP to add support for these advanced features.

    17. Problem: Game ending at a set # of turns

    Solution: If you choose Custom Game, you can set the amount of turns to play. A custom game will also give you an option of Unlimited Turns.

    18. Problem: On Island Scenario game ending after one turn

    Solution: Rather than set the game to unlimited, you will need to set the turn count to a high number such as 300.

    19. Problem: Error: Could not attack Path not found

    Solution: You will want to download CNW110E.ZIP.

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